Wall-Embedded Safety Extension Cord

Author: Po-Lin, Chen

Company: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

Country: Taiwan

e-mail: eddie@wiipa.org.tw

web: https://www.wiipa.org.tw/

This Wall-Embedded Safety Extensions Cord (WESEC) refers to a socket that could act as an extension cord. Each socket can be pulled out and rolled up from the socket cover through an extension device, namely a cord reel, to overcome the problem of insufficient power cord length. The WESEC includes: a socket cover, at least one socket equipped with an electrical connection wire that is wound in a reel. The cord reel is arranged in the wall, so that the socket can extend outward through the cord reel or be wound into the wall; further, the aforementioned socket can also be a network transmission port, USB socket, TYPE- C socket, etc., so that this creation can completely solve the problem of insufficient power cord length. Moreover, the multiple socket holes of the WISE Can be used by different types of devices, which effectively meet various electrical appliances or needs.