Virtual cards “VR4D Glagoljica”



“VR4D GLAGOLJICA“ Virtual Reality cards, used with a mobile application.

Our specially designed 8x12cm cards are used in conjunction with our proprietary specially designed and programmed mobile application: when the application is started on a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet), you direct the camera of the device to the cards, and then in virtual reality on the screen of the mobile device there appear three-dimensional letters in the Glagolitic script and various historical motifs associated with the Glagolitic script, with various visual effects. The invention is meant as a virtual (pedagogical)  game for learning Glagolitza, but it can also be a teaching aid in learning the ancient Croatian Glagolitic script, as well as an educational souvenir. It is unique on the market and as such it is special and without competition. We would like to mention that the cards were designed and the application  programmed by locksmith and a sculptor. Until now, we have not had any contact with software programming, we are self-taught, we love challenges, we are full of ideas and we do not give up.