Vernacular Khmer House with Sustainable Rohat Teck (Water Wheel)

Authors: Dr. So Sokuntheary, Mr. Chuop Sopheak

Company: Norton University

Country: Cambodia



Rohat Terk in Khmer means “Water Wheel” that is one of attractive decorative device also use to drain water. As we observe that nowadays Rohatt seems to be gradually losing its popularity and function. One of Water-Wheel in Siem Reap that was built in 60s repaired by the (APASA Authority) and has some difficulty with function. That’s cause us then create and it is an idea to inspire for new design Khmer Traditional Water-Wheel that be based on the ancient and can also produce electrical appliances. Then use that electric to apply in vernacular Khmer house also equipped with new technology that can control any electronic devices.