Using the analysis of brain signals to make geometric models for the work of electromagnetic units


Company: DIRECTORATE OF EDUCATION AT MAKKAH REGION Sorouh Secondary School of Civil Education (syllabus system)

Country: Saudi Arabia

When engineers and designers make engineering models and designs in holographic form, they try to embody an idea in their mind and may not be able to convert it as required when the drawing is done. In this study, we are trying to find a technology solution that converts brain waves when thinking about a particular design into holograms.

Aim of the study

The work of an electronic and mechanical system that reads brain waves and forms models using small electromagnetic units. In this study we hypothesize that we can build and design small mechanical units based on electromagnetic energy that can be modulated by electromagnetic brain waves.


This results show that we can build an Electromechanical or electromagnetic system that can be controlled through  brain waves. In this study, 3units were built based on the analysis of brain waves to form a specific shape, and  they were tested to form a square  and triangle shape, and the shape  was formed during a period of time Brainwaves were analyzed over a period  of 3 minutes, and the results showed that the geometry  can  be

designed with an accuracy of up to 72% based on the trials and results  we obtained obtained during  this study.