Country: Croatia

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Überenigma is one of the most advanced modern cryptographic algorithms used for encrypting and decrypting data such as binary strings, text files, images, etc. It represents the next step in the evolution of cryptographic algorithms for data protection due to its complexity but also due to its lightning-fast speed, which enables encrypting and decrypting huge blocks of data (1TB+) in just a couple of seconds.

Due to its complexity and speed, compared to the competition, Überenigma is by far the fastest. That speed stems all the way from the program being written in C language due to its superior speed, in which every single bit of used memory is manually allocated, to the lack of a graphical interface to save the processor’s resources. The core of the algorithm is based on extremely complex mathematical functions, and its 7.45×10316216 combinations make it unbeatable up to the arrival of quantum computers.

The innovation’s purpose is to protect the operational and end security of all digital systems. That includes everything from data centers and military usage to end users. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the digital world, the need to secure the extreme amounts of data generated by our modern world is becoming all the more important. Absolute security guarantees absolute privacy, no matter the use case.