Author: Wen-Liang Chen;Jia-Jhu Liou;Yi-Zhen Shen;Qiao-Qi Guo


Country: Taiwan



The present invention is a multifunctional dining chair with a transformable shape, which can not only be placed in a restaurant, a home environment, etc. as a general chair or dining chair, but also can be appropriately transformed and used according to the needs of users. Effectively achieve material continuity and diversity of use, reduce waste of resources and space occupation, etc., so as to extend the service life and years of products, increase the virtue of people’s love for things and cherish things, and achieve the goals of material reduction and environmental care. Features: (1) General chair: it is placed at home or in a restaurant. The concave arc design under the back of the chair can place bags to make it more convenient for passengers to ride; There is a storage space under the chair, which can put clothes, articles, etc. (2) Children’s dining chairs: When children eat, they don’t need to take out the dining chairs, they can be used directly by turning them over, which not only reduces space occupation and waste of resources, but also saves purse expenses. (3) Simple ladder: it can be used as a simple ladder at home, which is fast and convenient to use, and has no storage problems; it can effectively reduce the accumulation of items and achieve the purpose of material reduction. (4) Learning table and chair: the children’s dining chair is disassembled and used as a small stool, and the original chair surface can be used as a desk.