Authors: Dr. So Sokuntheary, Mr. Chuop Sopheak

Company: Norton University

Country: Ukraine



Due to population growth factors, and traffic is congested, causing congestion. To solve this problem in Phnom Penh better, so my team was inspired to create new urban train, to make the journey more convenient.

+  Using QR Code to

–  Ticket booking (Price determined by location)

–  View the operation of the train line

–  View Date (Travel Time)

–  Free Wi-Fi

–  Receipt of change information of the train station

–  Change ticket or change travel schedule

–  Check the weather

–  Check the local travel destinations

+  There are 3 types of ticket purchase

–  Mobile Ticketing App

–  Buy tickets through a vending machine using a card

–  Direct ticket purchase

+ Use of elevators for the disabled

+ Use solar roof

+ The use of public lamps

+ Addition of green plants

+ Organized as an underground crossing

+ Preparation structure such as restaurants,

cafes, bathrooms, etc.

+ Provide high security