“Torch powered by human energy”

Authors: Eranda Ajdini, Leona Marku

Company/Faculty/School: Yahya Kemal College - Skopje

Country: North Macedonia

e-mail: Leonamarku2012@gmail.com; erandaajdini03@gmail.com

We decided to choose this project in order to solve a worldwide issue that unfortunately not a lot of people focus on, since it only emerges in some countries throughout the world. In countries such as Niger , Tanzania , Liberia due to reasons such as financial stability, poor living space, environmental catastrophes ,state of war, people have to worry about their access to electricity , which is significant in attend to live nowadays . Luckily we have found a way to try and solve this issue by building a torch powered by the generated energy, coming from the heat of the human body. Another reason why this project is crucial, is the glorification it gives to us as humans, how our bodies can give out energy in order to produce light, without generating wastes such as for example, natural gas releases carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide leading to air pollution and smog. Our environment is in a very critical stage currently, we talk about fabrics, industrial pollution, plastic pollution and more but we do not choose to concentrate on the pollution that electricity produces since we believe we cannot live without it, which is true, so we need to find a way to generate electricity in a form that would not harm our environment. Also this time the energy that is generated in our body (which is equivalent to 100 watt light bulb) and is usually wasted, will be used in order to produce needed electricity.