Country: Croatia


The wheelchair is used in such a manner that the caregiver brings the wheelchair to the bed and the disabled person is helped into the wheelchair by the caregiver. The caregiver drives the wheelchair to the toilet and positions it over the toilet, and the person is able to have a bowel movement directly into the toilet. After the bowel movement, it is possible to wash the person over the toilet. The wheelchair is designed to replace a bidet. No toilet paper is used.

The wheelchair is used for showering infirm persons in care homes and hospitals where the washroom is a flat tile floor.

Men who have undergone prostate surgery and are required to wear diapers are able to sit in the wheelchair without a diaper; 1 – 2 litres of water are added to the pan, and urine drips into the pan. In this way, the person is able to work at the computer for eight hours or more without diapers.