The Seemon Pulmonary Toolkit- a Software Suite for the Analysis of 3D Medical Lung Images for Academic Research Use

Authors: Sayed Ali Nourian Najafabadi, Alireza Ebrahimi, Alireza rahbar, Mohammadreza Salehi, Milad Safari

Company/Faculty/School: Montazery high school, Tehran university, Shahid Beheshti university

Country: Iran


Lung medical image analysis and visualisation software for Matlab.

It consists of:

a GUI application for visualising and analysing clinical lung images (CT & MRI);

a rapid prototyping framework for running existing algorithms and developing new algorithms;

an API which allows you to use the framework from within your own code, independent of the GUI application;

a library of lung analysis algorithms which can be used independently.


There are many ways of using the Toolkit, for example: Use the GUI to load lung images from Dicom or mhd/raw files, perform automated analysis such as lobe segmentation or emphysema detection, and then save the results out; Write your own plugins to perform image analysis tasks, such as regional detection of lung disease; Write a Matlab script to perform automated analysis on hundreds of datasets using the Toolkit’s API, for example gathering airway measurements, Using the PTKViewer tool to quickly view 3D datasets from the Matlab command window; Build your own medical application, by adding the Toolkit’s image viewing panel (PTKViewerPanel) to your application; Use the Toolkit’s suite of library functions to help in loading/saving, image processing (e.g. 3D watershed transforms) and image analysis.