The FlipNDrip Server™: Combined Salad Bowl Drainer

Authors: Avia Annemarie Lee, Anthony Alphanso Lee

Company/Faculty/School: The FlipNDrip Server™

Country: Canada


The FlipNDrip Server’s two bowl design and high-end kitchen quality, inspires those who see it to want one for themselves. Great convenience, a wonderful gift and time saving compliment for kitchens and food tables everywhere. A patented, two bowl serving system great for home, cottage, camping use and more. The FlipNDrip Server™ makes rinsing, straining and drip-drying of foods, sink optional. Its stainless steel bowls comes in a variety of vibrant colours, is table ready for serving salads, pasta, fruits and more. It’s an all in one simple system, which eliminates the need to search for a strainer or another bowl.