The booster for removal of specific stains from textiles


Faculty: University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology

Country: Croatia


Numerous agents for stain removal from textiles in professional and household conditions are represented on the market. The offered range of products does not meet the expected requirements in removing of specific contaminants from body care products, UV creams and shower gels containing polyquaternium. It is not possible to remove them with regular washing procedures at temperatures from 20 to 90 ° C. Additionally, the intensity of soiling from the mentioned multifunctional preparations in the washing is deeped. Their removal requires post-treatment with special reductive agents, of which powdered sodium dithionite (Na2S2O4) powder is most commonly used at elevated temperatures.

Given that modern washing technology is based on lower temperatures and the use of liquid agents, a liquid booster based on sodium dithionite with specific properties has been developed, which is reflected in the stability and efficiency at lower temperatures. The effectiveness of liquid booster in laboratory conditions on stubborn specific stains from shower gels, UV cream, iron-rich soil, wellness mud and red shade on cotton textiles is presented.

A novelty is the innovative and stable booster for after-treatment of cotton textiles with specific stains, which has the potential for application in professional conditions.