The assistive belt of wearing trousers

Authors: Hsiang-Hui,Wang; HSU,YU-TUNG; TAN,JIE-WEN

Company/Faculty/School: Jen-Teh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management

Country: Taiwan



The assistive belt of wearing trousers is a belt used to assist in wearing trousers, with the following characteristics: (1) It can be carried and stored conveniently by those who need assistance in wearing trousers; (2) It can be easily used in any posture; (3) Simple to use . This creation includes designed nylon straps, clothespins, bracelets, and removable  suction cup. The nylon belt is the main body of the assistive belt, and the structure includes an adjusting buckle. The adjusting buckle can adjust the length of the nylon belt according to the height of different users. The clothespin is used to clamp the trousers, and the trousers will not loosen during the wearing of the trousers. The bracelet can be adjusted according to the size of the user’s wrist. When going to the toilet, it is convenient for users to clean themselves with one hand. And the users can use the other hand to support the wall and use this belt to keep their pants from falling off. The assistive belt of wearing trousers allows the user to maintain balance and prevent the trousers from falling off when going to the toilet. The suction cup is used before bathing. After the trousers are fixed by the clothespin, the suction cup can be used to suck the trousers on the wall in the bathroom. After taking a shower, the users can pick up their pants and put on without bending over their lumbar.