The antebrachial mold for the practice of mounting of arterial catheter and arterial puncture

Authors: Ovidiu Alexandru MEDERLE, Dumitru ȘUTOI, Daian Ionel POPA, Alexandru Bogdan PUȘCAȘ, Cosmin Iosif TREBUIAN, Cosmin LIBRIMIR, Octavian Marius CREȚU, Augustin SEMENESCU

Company/Faculty/School: Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy of TIMISOARA

Country: ROMANIA



The invention consists in a mold which imitates the anatomy of the ventral region of the right forearm, carried out for the purpose of learning and exersation of mounting of arterial catheter through Seldinger techinque by the medicine university’s students and by resident doctors, especially by the branch of Anesthesia and Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine.