Temperature control socket with heating and cooling mode

Authors: Chun-Te,Lee; Ching-Yun,Hsu; Chih-Ping, Chiang; Huan-Mei,Chu; Wei-Chieh,Liang

Company/Faculty/School: Cheng Shiu University

Country: Taiwan

e-mail: eddie@wiipa.org.tw

web: https://www.wiipa.org.tw/

Population growth has brought about the problem of a lack of natural resources. Artificial resources such as electricity cannot cope with the rapid population growth. In the past few decades, various measures have been taken to improve equipment and system design to increase production and transmission efficiency and reduce power consumption. This article proposes a novel Internet of Things (IoT)-based temperature control power extender with two working modes of cooling and heating to solve power shortage. The power is turned on or off accurately and timely through the temperature sensing element, thereby avoiding unnecessary power consumption. This work can directly power on or off the power extender through the Internet. It can also use a 2.4G Wi-Fi wireless transmission to transmit real-time temperature information, switch status and master-slave mode, etc. Related data can be controlled, collected, and uploaded to the cloud. Power extender’s temperature setting in a large application field can also be uniformly formed.