Country: Croatia

e-mail: grobenski.kreso@gmail.com

This swing is intended for new, innovative and pleasant exercise of specific parts of the body, as the entire body moves in a satisfying manner while exercising.

The exercise is simple and rhythmic and very enjoyably performed to music.

The intensity and difficulty of exercises can be increased using weights of varying weight and form.

Since the human body is comprised of about 60% liquid, swinging exercise also stimulates the agreeable movement of the inner fluids of the body and the gentle movement of the body’s internal organs.

Exercise on this device, due to its simplicity and comfort, can be used by people of all ages, even the elderly, and it is exceptionally beneficial in the rehabilitation of specific parts of the body.

The swing has an adjustable seat and backrest, allowing one to adjust it to the most favourable position for exercising. It is also possible to adjust the swing for a position for comfortable sitting, watching television, reading or resting.

Exercising outdoors in the fresh air, on terraces or by the sea give a new experience to exercising.


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