Swabbing device for oil production


Company: INA d.d.

Country: Croatia

e-mail: Mario.jukic@ina.hr

The device is developed for the automatic production of oil using the swabbing method in wellbores, where other methods of oil production are not economically or technologically applicable. It functions on the principle of extracting the flow of wellbore fluid from the wellbore using weights and a counterflow valve hung from a heavy wireline in the wellbore. The wireline is pulled from the wellbore through the swab cup and over a pulley to the device, and is coiled onto a main drum through the winding groove.  It is equipped with a power motor and reductor connected to the drum, which enables a display of its position and the load achieved on the drum, and wellbore production parameters. The device is run automatically via a remote-control system or touch screen on the device control panel. It is possible to set the parameters on each wellbore in order to optimize its function based on the type of wellbore. In addition to controlling the quantity and frequency of production, the device also has the ability to display the reservoir properties, including pressure.