Surface HARDening and highly wear-resistant nanocomposite COATtings for woodworking tools (no. 311/2022 and 312/2022)

Authors: Alina Vladescu1, Lidia R. Constantin1, Anca C.Parau1, Diana M.Vranceanu2, Spiridon Dragomir2

Company/Faculty/School: 1National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics - INOE 2000; 2Drugon International SRL

Country: ROMANIA



The aim is to develop of a variety of superhard nanocomposites based on nc-MeCNx/a-Si3N4 (Me= Cr, Fe, or Ti; x =0÷1), with high hardness, good adhesion to substrate, low internal stress, resistance against wear, corrosion and oxidation, low friction coefficient, high fracture toughness, for protective coatings used in machining/cutting applications.