Company/Faculty/School: YOUNG AN MINERAL TECH CO., LTD

Country: Taiwan


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A soundproof wall tile is mainly composed of a first shell, a second shell and a soundproof material. The first shell and the second shell system are respectively arranged on the soundproof material and are slender, so that the After the first shell and the second shell are fastened together, the soundproof material can be completely superimposed and assembled into soundproof wall tiles. When sound waves pass through the first shell or the second shell and exchange to the soundproof material, the surface of the soundproof material A certain sound guide part is formed so that the sound waves will be further guided by the sound guide part and cause attenuation. Moreover, by covering the first shell and the second shell on the sound insulation material, the sound insulation wall tiles can be quickly completed Assembled and composed of multiple sound insulation walls can be further stacked to form a wall with a larger sound insulation range.