Software optimizing the design of fire access routes for buildings by integrating various data sources

Authors: Bożena Kukfisz, Piotr Tofiło, Przemysław Wysoczyński, Karol Kreński

Company/Faculty/School: The Main School of Fire Service

Country: Poland


web page:

Project title is “Conditions for fire brigade access to buildings, taking into account new technologies for rescue and firefighting operations”. The software is currently under development to integrate various public mapping data sources, as well as BIM designs of buildings and databases of fire and rescue vehicles. The aim of the project is to support design offices, fire specialists and fire brigades in order to optimize the arrival of rescue teams to the building to conduct rescue operations, taking into account new technologies used in modern buildings (such as photovoltaic systems, new rescue systems and facilities) and legal regulations taken from various countries and modern techniques of conducting rescue operations.