Smart Ring to Detect Incorrect Pronunciation

Author: Dr. Ali H. Al-Hoorie

Company: Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

Country: Saudi Arabia


Correct pronunciation is hard, especially when the spelling system is different from spoken language.

Many foreign language learners

  • Rely on reading to learn
  • Study alone.

Can cause misunderstanding and embarrassment. So incorrect pronunciation can remain undetected for years.


Smart ring that records voice. Dissects language into phonemes. Uses automated speech recognition

technology. When incorrect pronunciation is detected, the ring vibrates gently. Only the ring wearer can feel this vibration.


Saves the learner from embarrassment especially in cultures that do not correct pronunciation or  when correction is inappropriate. Can be used for practice before a presentation.

* Helpful for people with disabilities who Helpful for people with disabilities who cannot hear pronunciation well or cannot see to check the dictionary.

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