Smart Mask and Shield to Detect and Disinfect the COVID-19 Virus

Authors: Arshida Fazlali, Samin Karami, Amitis Kamalzadeh, Roghayeh Heydari

Company/Faculty/School: Solaleh Highschool, Alborz, Iran

Country: Iran


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The world has been witnessing the increasing spread of COVID-19 since the beginning of 2020. Although most people are actively following social distancing norms, proper hygiene, and other preventive measures, normal day-to-day life will likely continue to be affected until an effective vaccine is developed. Face masks provide effective, easy-to-use against airborne pathogens including SARS-CoV-2. There is a wide variety of face masks available on the market for various applications, but they are all passive. In this invention, we present a new “active mask and shield” paradigm, in which the wearable device is equipped with smart sensors and actuators to both detect the presence of airborne pathogens in real-time. In this invention, a VEMoS module is used to process information. It also has a UV light to sterilize the shield surface and a voltage boost module has been used to supply power. To detect a person’s body temperature, a temperature detection sensor of DS18B20 has been used in the device. MQ135 sensor has also been used to detect air pollutants. The mask also has a nanofilter and a coating of chitosan/silver nanofibers to prevent any contaminants and also pathogens from entering. The mask not only prevents the entry of pollutants and viruses but also reduces the possibility of contamination significantly because of the UV light.