Smart Energy Saving Lamp


Company: Cheng Shiu University

Country: Taiwan



In general, the sensor lamps in the corridors, stairwells, or toilets of buildings will change from completely dark to full brightness when someone passes by. It will make the human eyes feel very uncomfortable, and when the sensor lamp is completely dark, the whole corridor and stairwell will be dark, making women and children feel insecure at night. If the lighting is changed to be sensor-less, there is a serious problem of wasted energy. To solve this dilemma, we developed a new type of “LED sensor lamp with low-light mode” that changes the original “full dark mode” to “low-light mode”. As such, when someone approaches the sensor lamp, their eyes will not be uncomfortable with the momentary illumination. Furthermore, when no one passes by, the sensor lamp will stay in low-light mode, so that people returning home at night no longer have to go through dark corridors, thereby achieving safety, aesthetics, and energy-saving purposes. This new sensor lamp’s power consumption in low-light mode is only 1/10 of the high-light mode, but its brightness can be up to half of the high-light mode, making it very suitable for parking lots, corridors, stairways, or toilets of buildings. It only requires the replacement of the lamp but not the original lamp socket, yet the basic brightness can be maintained. Take the general 15W T8 LED lamp (sensor-less) as an example: if it is replaced by this new type of sensor lamp, and the place where it is installed is rarely passed by people, the power saving rate will be as high as 90%. Assuming that there are 12 passers-by per hour, the saving rate is still 81%.