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The smart card is composed of two interconnected plastic sheets.

Their size corresponds to the average smartphone size. They are resistant to UV radiation, atmospheric influences, breakage, as well as temperatures up to 60 °C.  The smart card is engraved with the user’s logo on the front side, and a QR code and the card manufacturer’s trademark on the back side.

A special passive electronic chip is installed between the plastic sheets; the chip does not need separate power supply since it operates using the electromagnetic induction between two antennas in the form of coils that are built into the two devices that communicate which each other in order to exchange digital data.

The smart card can communicate with all newer generation smartphones that support short-range wireless data transfer. This technology is used to transfer data between two different devices. All types of digital data can be exchanged: photos, videos, documents, even data relating to payments for services and products. All smartphone users will find it easy to use.

The clients of the smart card user just need to hold their smartphone within about 1 cm of the smart card or touch the smart card, at which point a message will appear on their smartphone asking if they want to receive data from the smart card. An affirmative answer redirects the data to the user’s personalized page with links to relevant review portals where the clients can post a review of the user’s products and services.

The smart card allows the transfer of data between two different devices. This function allows the smart card to be used to review products and services.