Smart Button for Early Detect of Alzheimer’s Disease via Linguistic Analysis

Author: Dr. Ali H. Al-Hoorie

Company: Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu

Country: Saudi Arabia


*Alzheimer’s is a terminal disease affecting millions each year. No cure yet.

*Has many symptoms, such as cognitive and linguistic decline.

*Hard to distinguish between natural decline due to aging vs. Alzheimer’s.

*Requires special tests.

*There is a need to detect early onset of this disease.


Smart button attached to the person’s collar. Records spontaneous voice throughout the day.

Conducts linguistic analysis on speech and complexity, clause length, fluency. Determines whether there is a decline in ability. Determines whether it is gradual or sudden.


Attached to one’s collar, so hard to forget unlike a phone or a wallet. Convenient, no need to see a doctor or take specialized tests. Early detection allows to family make important arrangements

financial and legal affairs obtain medication to lower disease severity protect the patient, no driving, etc. The patient will have the chance to take part in clinical trials to help find a cure.

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