Smart Automated Laundry System

Author: Wei-Jhen, Chen

Company: Taiwan Math/Science Circle (TWMC)

Country: Taiwan



This Smart Automated Laundry System (SALS) is an automatic clothes drying rack, which recognizes whether it is raining by automatically sensing raindrops, and controls the clothes drying rod to retract when it rains, opens the rain cloth to cover the outside of the clothes drying rod simultaneously, and activates a dehumifier to reduce humidity. The SALS includes: a clothes drying rod, a motor that controls the clothes drying rod; a rain cover, a motor that controls the rain cover, a dehumidifier, and a raindrop detection device, which is arranged on the top side of the clothes drying rod, 


When it starts to rain, the clothes drying rod is retracted and the rain cover is released to prevent rainwater from splashing in. The dehumidifier is also turned on to reduce the humidity. When the rain stops, the above-mentioned devices are controlled to perform the previous actions in reverse. Furthermore, the SALS can be remotely controlled through a mobile phone, so that the clothes will not be affected by a sudden rainstorm.