Sliding board in-vehicle


Company: Jen-Teh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management

Country: Taiwan



This creation is a car-used sliding board, proposed by combining a seat cushion and a shifting board. It mainly provides patients who have lost lower limb muscle strength, but can still stabilize the sitting posture of the trunk to shift in the car. The main body of this product is made of smooth material with the seat cushion, so that the patient can use the sliding seat cushion to help himself move to the door of the car, which can reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine when the caregiver and reduce the injury of the caregiver. In addition, the rotating seat cushion design that the caregiver can move the patients’ legs easily turn to the right side when getting on and off the car. The other end of the main body of the shift plate is a seat belt fixing buckle, which can be connected with the seat belt clip in the car to fix the main body of the shift plate. The sliding seat cushion can be locked to stabilize the patient’s sitting posture and increase the safety of taking the car.