Autor: Yu,Shu-Fei Lin,Song-Yih Nguyen Thi Diem My Li,Kuan-Hsun Hung,Cheng-Yu

Company: Far East University

Country: Taiwan




One of the common disadvantages of commercially available masks is that their size can’t be adjusted to match the size of the user’s face, resulting in the fact that the mask size can’t fully cover the user’s face, or the mask size is too large to produce too many gaps so that its protective effect can’t be fully played. Given this, this design aims to improve the function of mask size adjustment and proposes a mask structure with adjustable size. It has a cover sheet, the cover sheet is folded in one or more sections at both ends to form two bending parts, and the bending part is provided with at least one solid contact point connected to the cover sheet, and the solid contact point maintains the bending part in a folded shape so that the user can tear the solid contact point according to the size of his face before wearing to expand the bending part of the corresponding number of segments. Then adjust the mask to fit the size of your face.