Mentor: TOMISLAV JURIŠIĆ, ing.el.

School: 1. Tehnička škola Tesla, Zagreb

Country: Croatia


Nowadays, there are numerous aids that make it easier for us to park vehicles (especially cars). However, most of today’s vehicles do not have these aids, or if they do, their precision and safety are questionable (due to the lack of visibility of the vehicle or the quality of the aid itself). This device is the solution to that problem.

The device is universal and very practical. Its main feature is adaptability to all types of vehicles, regardless of their age, shape, dimensions, etc. The device is placed in a fixed place in front of the parking space or on its sides.

Depending on the distance, the occupancy of the LED strip and its color change. When the vehicle enters a critical area, the device warns the driver of potential danger with a sound signal and informs him of the immediate stop of the vehicle.

The operation of the device is based on the Dasduino microcomputer, which is programmed in the C programming language.