Self-sufficient plant sand glass pot with musical self-watering system with LED lamp for plant growth and air clearing system and humidifier with waterproof USB charging port

Author: Ava Zamani /Morteza Zamani

Country: Iran

Gold medal

The self-sufficient plant sand glass pot has a musical self-watering system along with an LED lamp for plant growth and an air clearing system and a humidifier with a waterproof USB charging port as a table lamp and a beautiful decoration. This pot allows you to o give There is no resource in daily plant maintenance. It also has LEDs that provide the light the plant needs to grow. But what makes this invention different is that it is a beautiful and functional sight on its own, with its innovative water circulation system, plants will receive the optimal amount of water and nutrients they need to grow. It is a plant purification device that accelerates the circulation of clean air in the house. Also, the blocks, each of which has an internal water tank, are designed to control the amount of water available for each plant. The musical system that has been contracted has turned this invention into a very interesting and stylish product. It has a sensitive sensor inside the musical pot so that by touching any leaf of the plant, happy songs will be produced. It is heard with different rhythms. that a piano works. Also, as a portable

Bluetooth speaker, you can play your favorite music on it. It has a seven-color LED light installed around the vase, which not only gives a beautiful effect to your vase, but also as a night light. has it. I used it which ended up being a beautiful, fun and multi-purpose vase.