Self-cleaning and Antimicrobial Touchscreen for Mobile Phone

Authors: Mobina Latifinia, Donya Jafari, Elahe Ashouri, Mahsa Aminsalehi

Company/Faculty/School: Solaleh Highschool, Alborz, Iran

Country: Iran


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Glass is an amorphous, non-crystalline, more or less transparent material. Self-cleaning glass is a special type of glass that requires minimal maintenance because its surface is made to keep itself away from dirt and grime. In the pandemic virus around the world, mobile phones are one of the most important ways of transmitting the virus that has the potential to preserve it. Nanotechnology is used to make this special glass, which uses an ultra-thin coating to achieve self-cleaning  roperties. In this invention, honey is used as a natural source of silver nanoparticles. Naturally synthesized chitosan nanoparticles were then used. The invention uses an antibacterial coating of silver  anoparticles as well as chitosan nanoparticles due to its self-cleaning property, which significantly reduces the number of bacteria and viruses. Coating on the surface of two laboratory slides and final tests showed that the coating created by the new method is not only antibacterial and self-cleaning but also environmentally friendly.