Secured Cloud-based Indexing Platform for Research Proposals (Research Proposal Hub Indexing) ProHIx


Institution: M.Sc. in Health Informatics - UCLan UK; B.Sc. in Computer Software Engineering

Country: Iran



ProHIx is a secured cloud-based connecting tool. It helps PhD/ Post Doc applicants around the world to be able to cope with challenges about how to find potential academic supervisors for their research proposals. It also helps universities’ professors and academic supervisors to hire/accept qualified students from a wider range of applicants and of course in the easiest automated way.

The business idea comes from a big dilemma that each year many of PhD/Post Doc applicants around the world have to be face with its challenges. Despite of existence of many service providers in the scope of linking PhD/ Post Doc applicants (living across the world) to their potential academic supervisors who are affiliated to different universities around the globe, almost none-of them is equipped with a comprehensive database or enabled to offer cosmopolitan and smart services. The big dilemma is in finding and communicating effectively with potential academic supervisors. The way in which they are connecting applicants to supervisors is obsolescent.

We have worked on this project for three years and a British Incubator-Accelerator is supervising over its commercialization. This project has been screened and accepted by the UK Innovator Visa Program and led to issue us the UK Innovator Visa. Its IP has been already registered by WIPO-Switzerland. It seems benefits for public and society.

ProHIx platform is a product of Mythosoft Ltd. (a UK based registered company). It facilitates the path in which applicants want to communicate with academic supervisors who are affiliated to different universities across the globe. Applicants may put their submitted research proposals in view of all registered potential supervisors.

Through use of embedded unique features in ProHIx platform, it is more likely to be successful in getting supervision agreements and of course in the shortest possible time. Supervisors constantly receive proposals, those exactly matched with their current field(s) of research / interest and they can select the best applicants who they are more compatible with their criteria. Our main goal is to deliver integrated and streamlined services over the cloud.