Scroll-Type Eco-Friendly Slippers


Company: Overseas Chinese University

Country: Taiwan



  1. Most disposable indoor slippers are manufactured from non-woven fabrics and discarded after a single use. This practice contributes to resource wastage and negatively impacts the environment’s ecology.


  1. This product design embodies the principles of a circular economy, integrating concepts such as “structural optimization,” “eco-conscious materials,” “material recycling,” “resource repurposing,” and “waste reduction.” These concepts drive the design’s intent to mitigate environmental impacts and foster sustainable value creation.


  1. By harnessing Agave sisal and repurposed agricultural waste, coupled with recycled paper materials, we produce regenerated pulp. This pulp stands as the primary component for the shoe body of our “scroll-style eco-friendly slippers.”


  1. Our approach significantly curtails the squandering of both raw materials and energy. It enables repeated recycling of materials, even permitting infinite regeneration, thereby maximizing their inherent value.


  1. Our innovation not only minimizes storage requirements but also drastically cuts down on the consumption and wastage of outer packaging for disposable slippers.