Regional vector mosquito monitoring system with Internet of Things function

Author: Tsai, Yao-Pin;Yang,Cheng-Ye:Lin, Zhen-Jle;Fang, Yu-Jou;Wu, Xin-Rou

Company: Taipei City University of Science and Technology

Country: Taiwan



The device has the function of recording the density of mosquitoes in the area. When the density of mosquitoes is too high, a warning message will be sent to notify the user’s mobile phone, and then the user will notify the relevant units to go to the potentially infectious disease area for environmental sanitation and disinfection, and fundamentally prevent mosquito breeding.

Mosquitoes are carriers of most bacteria and viruses. Mosquito-borne diseases include dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis, malaria, Zika virus infection and so on. According to the survey report, about 700 million people are infected with various diseases due to mosquitoes every year, and 700,000 of them die from mosquito kisses. The number of deaths caused by animals each year ranks first. In addition, due to the increasing impact of global warming, the temperature continues to rise every summer, and the trend of temperature rise is more obvious. This allows mosquitoes to reproduce and lay eggs more frequently every summer. The harm caused by the mosquito epidemic every summer is obvious to all.

Whenever a vector mosquito is found to be seriously ill, it is difficult to deal with. The follow-up disease prevention work consumes a lot of manpower and medical resources. Through this work, vector mosquitoes were controlled in a low-cost manner. One is to reduce expenditures on human resources and medical resources; the other is to purify the environment and greatly improve people’s health.

The main purpose of this device is to record the density of mosquitoes in the area. When the density of mosquitoes in the area is too high, the user will be notified through a mobile phone prompt message, and then the user will notify the relevant personnel to perform environmental sanitation and disinfection, and directly kill the mosquito source area. The working principle is to use the micro-processing control module to detect low voltage changes caused by mosquitoes hitting the working power grid, and to record the density of mosquitoes in the area. The recorded information is transmitted to the cloud system through the network module, and the equipment is placed in various places in the community to monitor the status of each area at any time. When the status of some areas turns red, the IoT system will notify the user which area the mobile phone is in, and then the user will notify the relevant unit to go there. Disinfect safe areas with potential infectious diseases to fundamentally solve the problem of vector mosquitoes.

Its technical fields include: Internet of Things modules, micro-processing control modules, cloud systems, and network modules