Author: TIN STANIŠAK, mag. ing. mech.

Mentor: Prof. dr. sc. ŽELJKO ŠITUM

Faculty: Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje

Country: Croatia

A technical device has been developed to train the speed of reaction to visual stimuli in martial arts, which is especially important for taekwondo competitors. The beginnings of martial arts according to ancient records go back to the distant past and their primary purpose was self-defense through the application of fighting techniques only with bare hands, without using any type of tool or weapon. In recent decades, martial arts have become very popular because of their commercial potential through competitive forms of entertainment for the general public. Improving motor skills in early childhood through goal-oriented play activity such as reaction speed, agility, strength, precision and endurance in martial arts can be achieved using a technical device that practitioners use during training. The device uses impact surfaces randomly actuated by pneumatic actuators, and due to the compressibility of the air, the risk of injury to fighters is reduced.

Pneumatic high-speed cylinders and solenoid valves were selected for the realization of the training device, and the Arduino Uno microcontroller was used to control the valves. The program code can be easily changed and adjusted, which gives the device additional flexibility in the application of training in sports halls.