Authors: Ignatenkov Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Lysikov Mikhail Grigorevich, Olshanskij Aleksej Mikhajlovich, Rakov Viktor Viktorovich, Rozenberg Efim Naumovich

Company/Faculty/School: Joint Stocks Company Research and Design Institute for Information Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation (JSC NIIAS), subsidiary of JSC RZD

Country: Russia

e-mail: info@vniias.ru

web page: www.vniias.ru

Invention relates to the field of railway transport for the train operation operational control. System includes data processing center and the traffic service worker workstation computer, including processor connected to the memory unit, information input unit, monitor, normal train schedule parameters input unit, an infrastructure parameters calculation unit, trains traffic conditions setting unit, available crossing capacity computing unit, calculations comparison unit, required crossing capacity calculating unit, comparison unit with the set value. And in the data processing center memory unit sequentially connected to the infrastructure digital model database, normative-reference information generation unit, memory unit with the normativereference information database, imitation model with the artificial intelligence elements generation unit, verification unit with the learning function, model into the decision support system integration unit and the trains passing options generation unit are installed.

EFFECT: enabling increase in the trains traffic speed.