Protective railing – Rounded “over the edge” protective cover for crib railings


Country: Croatia


Our INNOVATIVE protective railing is the only perfect solution for complete safety of babies in cribs.

When babies begin to stand up in the crib, at about 6 months of age, they constantly bump their heads or new teeth into the top edge of the crib, as they try to lean over the railing.

The protective railing completely protects the upper edges of the wooden bed, as it is designed so that the sponge part of the railing covers the hard wooden edges of the crib along its entire length and over the entire top of the wooden railing.

The protective railing also has an innovative pocket for soothers, and 4D ornaments with rattles can be added. The protective railing is the only railing to completely protect babies from hitting themselves on the edges of the crib.

It is completely safe, easy to install, made of cotton (or another material of choice) and protective sponge. It is practical to take apart and machine washable, and all materials used hold the Oeco-Tex certificate to ensure their safe use.

Industrial property: D20200140