Production of domestic teas


Company: PLANTURAL d.o.o.

Country: Croatia


The production of various medicinal herbs in smaller areas and the creation of a botanical garden.

Plantural d.o.o. is a company that specializes in the breeding and processing domestic teas. The cultivation of medicinal herbs is becoming more popular, but it is mainly based on the production of monocultures. Our mission is to create a garden with a place for over 20 plants. We are currently on 12 cultures but slowly approaching the 20-plant count. Creating a garden with many diverse plants is a major advantage over other producers, especially for own production, which is increasing because people are looking for quality products.

Our goal is to motivate future producers and show how the cultivation of medicinal plants can create a self-sustaining economy and reduce the import of products.

Finally, the aim is to create a botanical garden and connect plants from several continents, which should not be a problem considering the experience in the cultivation of medicinal herbs.

In addition to the production of teas, this production has great potential in cosmetics creation.