Primary production for apitherapy

Author: Anita Dragić

Company: APIDORA, obrt za apiterapiju i apiinhalaciju

Country: Croatia


The goal of the business is to preserve the natural biological properties of bee products so that they have a positive effect on our health. From bee products, I offer polyfloral and monofloral honey, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, bee bread and beeswax.One part of the product was analytically tested, and as a result of the analytical report, three types of honey and propolis alcohol tincture were marked with the top quality mark of the Croatian Apitherapy Society.

Honey is a pure bee product produced by bees from nectar and as such, a perfect organic product. We do not feed any foods to the bees (sugar, cake, winter syrup…). We only take a certain amount of products from bee colonies so as not to damage their survival. The importance of quality is emphasized.

We collect propolis by using nets for collecting propolis, from which we make propolis alcohol tincture.

We produce pollen only in abundant pollen pastures. The lack of pollen in the bee colony can significantly impair the development and health of the entire bee colony. I use this product to make a mixture of raw honey and fresh pollen that make one product rich in amino acids, proteins, etc. The product is used to strengthen immunity and as a functional food for people who are exposed to great psychophysical efforts.

Royal jelly is the product of a 12-day-old bee. It acts as a biostimulator on our body. I produce it only with the presence of bees and food that they themselves bring to their community.

Bee bread is fermented pollen that bees use for brood development. I offer this product as hand-picked bee bread, because the purity of the product itself is important for the quality of this product. This product has up to ten times more nutritional value. I produce beeswax exclusively from honeycomb caps.