Institution/School: Učenički dom „Ivana Mažuranića“; Elektrotehnička škola Zagreb

Machines intended for plastic recycling and production of new products.

Most of the parts were made of materials that stood and collected dust like old bed frames, pieces of plexiglass we found in the trash, and the like, except for laser-cut stainless steel knives.

The first machine is designed to grind plastic to a smaller granulation that can be adjusted. The crusher is driven by a three-phase electric motor which was also found on the waste.

The second machine is intended for melting plastic and injecting into molds. Prior to that, plastics must be classified by type of plastic due to the different thermal properties of individual types of plastics. The temperature is achieved by four heaters and is regulated by two digital thermostats.

Molten plastic is cast into molds made of various materials such as acrylic, plexiglass, aluminum, silicone … Molds can be used for the production of plastic accessories, protective visors, handle accessories that will allow easier opening of the door with the forearm (to avoid the transmission of bacteria and viruses), pendants, teaching aids, etc.