Company: BABY SLEEP IGLOO d.o.o.

Country: Croatia

e-mail: info@babysleepigloo.hr

web: https://babysleepigloo.hr/

Portable SEAT and FEEDER for BABY – the new Baby sleep igloo innovative product that makes life and everyday baby care easier.

In a portable seat, you can easily feed your baby outside the family home, in all places where you don’t have a baby stroller at hand.

Take the innovative portable seat/feeder for babies with you on a visit to a friend, to the sea, to nature, to an annual event, to cafes, restaurants and ALL other facilities where you like to stay and place your baby comfortably and secure it with belts on any ordinary chair with a backrest.

The Baby sleep igloo seat / feeder is easy to transport (it folds into a small roll and into a bag) and to use: you slide the upper folding part onto the back of any chair with a backrest, place the baby in a sitting position, and secure it with practical belts.

It is made of soft microfiber fabric, which does not quickly absorb feeding stains, is machine washable and will quickly become the only feeder you will need.