Country: Croatia


The patented device represents a novelty in the filling of minced meat products, which is based on the principle of a pneumatic cylinder without a piston rod in such a way that the tube of the filler is used as a tube of a pneumatic cylinder. The piston rod is replaced by a plastic round plate with cuffs, which is pressed by compressed air, and the plate presses the meat mixture towards the lid on which are made outputs for several types of minced meat products. In this way, 95 percent of the pipe’s volume was used for filling, and not 45 percent, which would be usable if there was also a piston rod.

This invention refers to the area of production of equipment for meat products processing relating to the filling of prepared meat mixtures for kulen, sausage, salami, blood sausage, ćevapi, burgers and hamburgers, and other meat products delivered on the market stuffed in natural or artificial intestines, packed in plastic foil, fats or plastics. Its purpose is to efficiently fill the mixture into natural or artificial intestines, produce and form minced meat products using moulds that give the desired shape, volume dimensions, diameter, length and weight of the finished product. The length of the device currently on the market is from 15% to twice as long as my invention, and the price is much higher.

Patent application P20220086A