On path of Tesla’s wireless vision – No wires no problem


Menthors: Sanja Pavlović Šijanović , Davor Šijanović


Country: Croatia

Although spotlighted by social distancing, 2021 brought a great number of news related to digital technology and was designated as a year of wireless management and connectivity. These intelligent devices are based on the wireless transmission of signals using the principle of radio transmission whose initiator was Nikola Tesla. Combining a direct and virtual meetings and activities through play, learning and creation resulted with a small fleet of three remotely operated intelligent robotic cars using Bluetooth voice and manual management and NRF24L01 communication module and Joystick.

The use of our wireless devices enhances the knowledge and skills of all learners by enabling learners with disabilities to engage on an equal development in the educational process, where every student has the right to acquire experiences in accordance with their developing abilities.

Nikola Tesla, whose name became synonymous for the famous discoveries and innovations, once wrote: “Our first attempts are completely instinctive, full-bodied, living, and indiscriminate. The older we are, our sense is confirmed more and more, and we are becoming increasingly systematic and reflective. But these early incentives, although ineffective at the time, are very significant and can shape our true destiny.”

Encouraging children from an early childhood to target activities has a major impact on the further development of their skills and interests. That is precisely the case, the assembly and programming of highly intelligent robotic cars is becoming the predictor for development of spatial skills relevant to the understanding of mathematical and engineering concepts that, combined with Arduino technology, form a win-win combination. Our aim is to encourage students to work with Arduino technologies as one of the creative ways to acquire new knowledge and skills, a step forward from known to unpredictable leads us into a new adventure, where we intuitively know that unpredictable will bring us to achieve a desired goal!

In a year of wireless management and connectivity, we created a project based on Tesla’s development of a wireless signal transmission device with whom a genius for the future established the foundations of today’s radio and mobile communications and paved the way for the development of completely new branches of electrical engineering, automation, remote control. Our devices can be used by children with disabilities, which makes them equal and active participants in an educational process that respects their needs, opportunities, and abilities.