NUNIs Bar : Snack Bar Innovation incorporated with catechin-SNE as a support theraphy for diabetic

Authors: Jasmine Rani Aisyah, Nathasya Shasykirana Mahendra, Jasmine Rana Sahira, Ahmad Abubakar, Melinda Syafitri, Nyayu Nisrina Maulidina, Mellyani Angelica Susanti, Shaum Shiyan

Company/Faculty/School: Sriwijaya University

Country: Indonesia


In this invention using catechin which has has oxidative stress inhibitor activity and anti-diabetic activity in a form of SNEDDS. In we incorporate catechin-SNE into a nutraceutical product in the form of a snack bar named NUNIs Bar for support  therapeutic in diabetic theraphy.