Multipurpose St John’s wort / Black Cumin Oil Cream

Author: Kristijan Nikolov

Faculty: Yahya Kemal College – Skopje

Country: North Macedonia


Organic cream produced with all-natural ingredients might help in some skin related problems, usually represented with itchiness, redness, inflammations, or acne. The nature of Republic of North Macedonia is rich with necessary herbs and tradition to prepare proper ingredients out of which we managed to prepare the organic cream.

But before organic creams are produced there is a very important step where the essential oils with which the creams are produced needs to be tested on how they react on different bacteria. This requires:

  • Thorough preparation of the oils
  • Experiments conducted on cultivating bacteria in controlled laboratory environment
  • Testing on how oils perform against the bacteria from the experiments
  • Organic cream samples produced

For the purpose of using natural creams as remedies skin related problems first, we test how natural oils perform against the bacteria and then we are preparing all-natural organic cream that helps in skin related problems. That is why we first did microbiological laboratory testing of oils against bacteria/fungus. We test 2 oils against 5 bacteria and 1 fungus.

Second, and in addition to the oils, we also use other ingredients to prepare the mixture with which we prepare the multipurpose organic cream. All these ingredients were carefully mixed in a controlled ambient temperature.

The multipurpose St John’s wort / black cumin oil cream that is a final outcome of this project is entirely natural. It does not contain preservatives, corrosive substances, corticosteroids and other irritants.