Modern Gold Detector

Author: Alfatih Mohamed abdlmotalab Alhassan

Company/Faculty/School: Student Master Faculty of engineering

Country: Sudan


The method of work: – The sensor installed at the front of the moving base sends electromagnetic waves that bounce at different frequencies according to the metal to be detected. The bounce signal is processed and analyzed by the processor and sent to the alarm bell and the brake system. The message contains the location and the dimension and the quantity that is inside the land. The prizes obtained: – The first place at the level of Khartoum State in the Khartoum Governor Award for Innovation and Scientific Excellence 2018 AD Student Creativity Award in Sudan 2017 AD The National Union of Sudanese Youth in Gezira State 2018 AD I was honored at the level of the Presidency of the Republic 2018 AD representative Al- Neelain University at the Higher Education and Scientific Research Festival 2018 AD Representative of Al-Neelain University in the

American Sudanese Exhibition 2018 AD I was hosted in all local and international channels, newspapers and radio stations.