MIRLADA 2in1 for regulating digestion


Country: Croatia

e-mail: mirjanav66@gmail.com

MIRLADA 2in1, is a roulade to prevent and alleviate indigestion problems.

It comes in two versions of the biscuit.

1) Standard, contains gluten

2) Gluten-free: a mixture of white amaranth flour, rice, buckwheat, chia seeds, corn starch.

These cereals and pseudocereals, with their nutritional properties and a large amount of dietary fiber, significantly affect intestinal peristalsis and the overall work of digestion. MIRLADA contains only the sugars of the raw materials from which it’s made.

Today’s lifestyle: a lot of sitting, little movement, skipping breakfast, food with insufficient fiber, delayed defecation, negatively affects the work of the intestines. As a result, pain, fever, anemia, and even severe intestinal disease can develop.

For breakfast, I recommend two slices of MIRLADA 2in1 rolls whose filling will satisfy the most demanding tastes. The roulade gives energy. It is suitable for all ages, small children, athletes.

In one roll, there are two fillings (flavors). The common base is grated apple (which contains vitamin C and K, fiber, negligible calories), cinnamon, pieces of orange, lemon juice (contains fiber, flavonoids and turpentine antioxidants), carob (K, Ca, improves digestion, antiseptic, antiviral, antioxidant). In the first half of the roll filling, we add ground almonds (E vitamin, healthy fats, antioxidant). The other half of the roulade is enriched with poppy seeds (it contains dietary fiber, copper, manganese, protein, reduces abdominal cramps). The filling and biscuit are baked together. And then they are rolled into a roll. Chilled, it can be sprinkled with powdered sugar (optional).

Addition of chocolate glaze with stevia, dried or candied rose petals, changes the look of a simple roll into a product for festive occasions.

The advantage of this roll is the availability of raw materials throughout the year. All raw materials are grown in the Republic of Croatia.


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