Microfluidic chip for microfilaria detection

Authors: Prapruddee Piyaviriyakul, Sariya Asawakarn, Alongkorn Pimpin, Wutthinan Jeamsaksiri, Witsaroot Sripumkhai

Company/Faculty/School: Biochemistry unit, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University

Country: Thailand

e-mail: Prapruddee.p@chula.ac.th

Canine and Feline heartworm disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, can be diagnosed by detect microfilaria in blood. Our invention is a new method, used rectangular filtered microfluidic device to separate microfilaria from blood cells. Blood sample is injected into the device, and microfilariae are trapped inside the chip.  The chip can detect microfilaria in small sample volume with low concentration, while being quick.