Method for selective switching

Authors: Ciprian BEJENAR, Laurențiu-Dan MILICI, Constantin FILOTE, Mihai RAȚĂ, Ciprian AFANASOV, Elena-Daniela LUPU, Valentin VLAD, Constantin UNGUREANU

Company/Faculty/School: Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava/Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Electrotechnics Department

Country: ROMANIA



The invention introduces the capability of selectively switch (connect / disconnect) voltage sources and/or converter modules that can be controlled and connected in parallel in the composition of power supply systems, on the basis of conditional events with attenuated transition modeled in a specific manner, which involves mathematical functions that composes a sigmoidal control logic approached differently, which provides it simplicity and performance along with malleability, without unpredictable, uncontrolled and unjustified compromises, improving the switching process without additional implications, that it does not involve the control of electromechanical devices because it improves the compatibility, performance and redundancy in operation of the systems or parts thereof that implement it.