MEMORY – Christmass box



The game was created when granddaughter and grandmother played together. After the very successful game “Win a Cake”, we embarked on a new challenge and made memory “Christmas Box”. How is it different? The peculiarity of this game is, first of all, that each card is an original drawing by granddaughter Teresa, and we also introduced a joker card to spice things up a bit. The game is both fun and educational. The Christmas box has 43 Christmas and New Year themed cards, and you need to find the right pair (for example: Christmas tree – balls, decorations, lamps or socks for gifts – fireplace …). 21 pairs can be put together, but the conventional game is modified by introducing the 43rd joker card. The rules of the game and the list of pairs are in the box. The game is intended for all ages, starting at 3 years old. The message of the game is, of course, family/friends spending time together.

– awards:

  • GOLD – Inova 2019 Zagreb, Croatia
  • SPECIAL AWARD FOR BEST INVENTION FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH – Tereza Blažević – Inova 2019 Zagreb, Croatia